Here you find frequently asked questions to serveral themes.
I have problems with the ride on a tricycle and feel uncertain during the steering. My impression is the vehicle does not what I want to do.
If you sit for the first time on a tricycle, it may feel different to your old bicycle. This is a typical behaviour from persons who switch over from bicycle to tricycle. Beginners often lean out their trunk far to the left or right site and make uncontrolled moves. That´s quite normal, you have to aclimate. The reason for that: your balance sense was trained to equilibrate on a bicycle, otherwise you fall down. This problem is not existing with a tricycle, no balance is needed, because the balance is given through the 3 wheels. You have to steer in the desired direction, without any weight stabilising, if you want to go around the corner. (comparable with motoring). There is no need to lean your trunk into the curve - during motoring and also during tricycle riding. You think you won´t master it? Remember how you felt in childhood. Children don´t have any reservations against tricycle riding. They don´t have any experience in equilibrate on bicycles. Children sit on the trike and start riding, because they don´t spare a thought about balance. To provide for you the necessary safety we offer to you helpful support in form of a video.

Dreirad fahren lernen
Why is a test drive so important?
A test drive is useful and should be realised before you make a purchase.. Newcomers and beginners have often problems to acclimate with the new driveability. The test drive helps you to avoid to buy a pig in the poke.
What about prices?
You can receive prices from our salespartners. Please contact us and we will provide you with a dealer next to you
Do you offer models which are exclusive powered by electric engines?
Yes, we do. Therefor we have to arrange a type approval. These models may require a special drivers licence and a registration plate. (different laws in each country, ask your admission office)
I would like to buy model X with electric support, but this solution is only offered by Xy. Is it possible to get my desired vehicle with electric support
Yes, if the desired model is suited for a front motor installation. Our front motors are available for front wheels from size 16" - 28". Please take a look at the upcharge price for further informations.
If I buy a model without motor, is there any possibility to retrofit a motor system later?
It is possible, if the choosen motorsystem is adapted for frontwheels (Size 16" up to 28") Additional charges are known from your local dealer.
What´s the difference between PFIFF and PFAU-Tec, what´s the story behind?
PFIFF Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 2004 by four experienced experts in the bicycle business. PFIFF does market and distribute frame constructions pan-European. The brand “PFAU-Tec” is the result from close cooperation between PFIFF and his licenser PFAU-Tec GmbH from Quakenbrueck. PFAU-tec is well known for therapeutic tricycles + accessories for children and adults.


  • End of 1999. Close before the first Kynast insolvency Friedrich Schlüter and Achim Mustermann decide to found an own company. PFAU-Tec GmbH was born and starts up with development of special tricycles

  • Second Kynast insolvency and reselling. Stephan Hahn is hired from the new Kynast management and establish contact to PFAU-Tec.

  • September 2001: Licence contract between Kynast and PFAU-Tec about tricycle manufacturing.

  • October 2001: Kynast engage Martin Schroedter, which is well known for his experience in sales business. He worked very effective as key account manager for Wulfhorst GmbH

  • Expansion from tricycle business and technical enhancements of new product ranges.

  • June 2003: Third Kynast insolvency
  • Friedrich Schlüter, Achim Mustermann, Martin Schroedter and Stephan Hahn decide to found a new company "PFIFF Vertriebs GmbH". Because PFAU-Tec´s main business is construction and development, PFIFF shall be provided with the sales part.

  • January 2004: Foundation of PFIFF Vertriebs GmbH
  • November 2004: Tenancy changeover into new business premises
  • June 2006: Theodor Buschermöhle becomes second executive beside Martin Schroedter


    Beside both executives Martin Schroedter and Theodor Buschermöhle, Pieter Becker, Kevin Wank and Andreas Frechen (either well known as specialists in the bike business) are also be part of the PFIFF-Team. Accompanying to the continuous advancement with new products and an expanding distribution PFIFF counts on the support of well established marketing, PR and sales professionals.
  • Do I need a drivers licence for your vehicles?
    No, you don´t need a drivers licence. All our eclectric vehicles are manufactured as pedelecs with max. speed of 25 km/h.(only possible if the driver is pedalling,.or when a certain speed has been reached.)
    Is there a real chance to get money back from my insurance after I buyed a one of your vehicles?
    This depends to the country where you live. For Germany, we can say a clear NO. In other countrys there`s definitely a chance for a partial or full reimbursement. Ask your health insurance coverage for more informations.
    My local dealer has one of your products in stock, but not my preferred one. What can I do?
    Not every dealer has the potential or the needed space for several samples. Meanwhile we have different dealers / importers which offer a wider range of models. Use our dealer locator or contact us for further informations.
    Where can I get your products?
    Our main salespartners are bicycle dealers and special stores. You can find the next partner with our dealer locator function. Please contact us, if you want more information about dealers/importers in your country.
    Why don´t you offer your products in discounters?
    These kind of vendor is not specialised in tricycle business.Their first priority is offering cheap. There is no product choice, no variety and no advice. We prefer specialst dealer who know one´s craft.
    How do you differ from cheap suppliers?
    We order of a high-class quality management system EN ISO 9001:2000. The manufacture of the special vehicles cover strictly the legal default. CE guidelines, as well as the technical requirements according to the medicine product law (MPG) are strictly fulfilled, also the required standards for German health insurance. (Aid numbers variously available). Extensive product tests of independent test-laboratories provide security

    - Production, assembly and distribution "Made in Germany " / Quakenbrueck
    - no cheap-imports
    - heavy duty models (up to 180 kg payload)
    - qualified specialist dealer