All PFAU-Tec tricycles can be fitted with our therapeutic accessories . The in-house development with highly qualified personal meet the highest requirements. Almost all our accessories are specially designed by our own engineers.

Foot rest with adjustable leg guide

stabilize foot and legs

Foot anchorage (pair)

prevents against slipping forward

Foot rest with velcro fastener

stablize foot position

Crutch holder

to take away on board

Arm rest

hand stays at handlebar

Rear carrier

Rear carrier for plastic box

Treadle crank for disabled

to reduce the cranc radius

Foot rest (child)

stabilize foot and legs

Kids back rest

stabilize the torso

Child seat

roomy child seat

Comfortable seat


Plastic box grey

Box grey 40 x 30 x 22 cm

Crank shortener

compensate leg shortening

Steering Stop

for controlled steering

Footrest for artifical leg

ride with only one leg

Auxiliary Handlebar

everthing under control

Back rest with hip pads and abdominal belt

fixing the torso

Rear view mirror

Keep overview

Shift support knob

with less effort

Shift support ball

with less effort

Guide rod

for pushing/stopping the trike

Seat harness

against slipping

Stacking box

Stacking box 60 x 40 x 31 cm

T-shaped seat post


Conversion kit for existing bicycle (no pedelec)

Cover protection

protect against weather